Novel comb sources and mode locking physics

In a mode locked laser, the relative phase between many longitudinal modes is locked in the lasing cavity, leading to the emission of short, coherent pulsess. Nowadays, Ti:Sapphire mode locked lasers produce pulses in the femtosecond scale, exploiting the nonlinear Kerr lens inside the active gain medium to enforce mode locking. The emitted coherent pulse train is represented in the frequency domainby an equi-spaced,phase related frequency comb spreading over a broad spectrum. Such a comb is an incredible tool for applications, such as:

-Ultrafast dynamics in light-matter interactions

-Next generation optical atomic clocks and precise measurement of optical frequencies

- Coherent connection between distant frequencies

Our lab develops frequency comb sources for investigation of ultrafast vibrational dynamics in molecules. Currently, we develop and investigate novel mode locked solid state laser cavities, in order to overcome fundamental limitations of standard mode locked lasers, such as:

- Complete control over the pulse spectrum in a simple, power preserving manner Two-color pulses that are inherently synchronized in time and phase (Paper , Poster).


- Cancellation of nonlinear astigmatism (Paper , Poster).


- Mode locking at and below the CW threshold-level (Paper , Poster).


- Review of Kerr-lens mode-locked solid-state lasers (Paper).





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